A downloadable game for Windows

*Note: Built during a 24 Hour Game Jam*


Defend yourself against swarming hordes of monsters as you make your way Trick or Treating. The only weapon at your disposal is your Halloween candy. If a house has candy to give, their porch light will be on. Make sure you go "Trick or Treating" enough to reload you candy ammo, or surely you will die!


Jim Sterling

Time: 3:59


Keyboard Controls:

    • Move: W,A,S,D
    • Shoot: Arrow Key Directions
    • Trick or Treat (Reload): E
      • (Must be at house with the lights on)

Gamepad Controls:

    • Move: Left Stick
    • Shoot: Right Stick
    • Trick or Treat (Reload):
      • X (Gamepad Face Button Left)
      • Right Bumper (Gamepad Right Shoulder)
        • (Must be at house with the lights on)


Kevin O'Mara:

Programmer, Designer

Justin Gentry:


Yasiman Ahsani:

3D Modeler, UI Artist

Jordan Brown:

3D Modeler

Anthony Grimando:

Sound Design

Connor Jaynes:

Level Design

Zach Bledsoe:

Texture Artist

Install instructions

Download Zip > Extract Files > Load "TrickOrTreatOrDie.exe" > Fun Ensues


TrickOrTreatOrDie.zip 384 MB


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Pretty neat.